How to become a MapsTell Guide?

MapsTell is always looking for new Guides. Are you a trainer, coach or HR professional with knowledge of the DISC model and the behavioural styles? Read more here on how to become a MapsTell Guide.

  • Get to know MapsTell;
  • MapsTell gets to know you;
  • Follow the accreditation.

 Get to know MapsTell

Because MapsTell wants to enter into an intensive cooperation with its Guides, we think it is of great importance that you get to know us and become familiar with our products. We will give you the opportunity to use our PersonalMapping application right away and put yourself on the map. Then we would like to meet and see if your needs match the direction MapsTell wants to take.

MapsTell gets to know you

MapsTell wants to get to know you as well and see what your skills are. It is important for us to have an idea of how you work as a trainer, coach or HR professional so that we can tailor our collaboration. To do this, you could, for example, invite us to one of your training or coaching sessions or send us a short movie of your work.

The MapsTell accreditation process

The Mapstell accreditation consists of three parts, which can be followed separately or as a package.

Accreditation to become a PersonalGuide

The first accreditation level is for PersonalGuide. A PersonalGuide can work with PersonalMappingPro and the accompanying (Travel Directions) and Diagrams. This training takes two days and works with interactive workshop tools to form a solid foundation of the material.

Accreditation to become a ProfessionalGuide

With the accreditation for ProfessionalGuide, we go deeper into the subject of individual interaction. The ProfessionalGuide learns how to work with ProfessionalMapping and the accompanying personal Route Guide in which the subject of Leadership is covered.

The accreditation for ProfessionalGuide takes one day.

Accreditation to become a TeamGuide

And finally there is the accreditation for TeamGuide. Here, team interaction is key. TeamGuides can easily create a TeamMap with the accompanying analysis. All participants will be placed in the World of Difference, which gives a quick and clear overview of the team relations.

The accreditation for TeamGuide takes one day.

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