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Are you a trainer, coach or L&D specialist? Would you like to work with the MapsTell products? We organise six accreditation workshops a year where you’ll be trained as a MapsTell Guide over two days. We also organise regular introduction days for trainers and coaches who want more information about the accreditation and our views on working together.

PersonalGuide accreditation

As a PersonalGuide you can work with PersonalMapping and the accompanying Route Guides and diagrams. Over a two-day period you’ll be introduced to the DISC method and its application via associative cartography through interactive workshops. You’ll be taking part in a PersonalMapping workshop run by one of our experienced MapsTell Guides, and you’ll be practising how to run one yourself on day 2. You’ll also be able to experience new and interesting ways of working from the other participants.

Additional accreditations

For professionals who would like to do more with the MapsTell products, there are two additional accreditation sessions.


ProfessionalGuide (1 day)
The ProfessionalGuide works with PersonalMapping and the accompanying RouteGuides, which have been extended to include Leadership styles.

TeamGuide (1 day)
The focal point for the TeamGuide accreditation is team interaction. Based on the TeamMap you’ll learn how to analyse the interaction between team members, spot the problem areas and where necessary, how to solve those.

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Are you interested in the accreditation and you’d like to receive more information about the MapsTell accreditation programme? Get in touch by filling in the form below, or call us on +44 1256 373146

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