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MapsTell does not employ its own trainers. Our organisation is focused entirely on supporting our accredited Guides in terms of marketing, sales and product development.

Interactive Dashboard

As a MapsTell Guide you’ll get access to the MapsTell Dashboard. This will enable you to add new clients, send invites to participants and download PersonalMaps, RouteGuides and TeamMap and you’ll have access to lots of materials, presentations and exercises. On top of that we have a Guide forum where you can talk to other Guides, get inspiration, find people to work with, get to know each other better, share exercises and presentations, and much more.

World Days

MapsTell organises a number of World Days each year, where you get together with other Guides to explore the material in more depth, share new exercises, learn from each other and of course it’s an opportunity to connect with others. We also organise regular get-togethers to share new working methods.

Sales and marketing support for trainers and coaches

As a Guide you will get strong sales and marketing support. We want to help. Because if you are doing well, so are we.  And it works the other way too. Because we are not a training organisation, we share the training requests that we get with our Guides. We also assist you in the organisation of Open Workshops, and will support you with free PersonalMaps!

MapsTell as product and application developer

MapsTell continuously invests in the development of new, imaginative and accessible applications that make personal development accessible. We do this by listening to our customers and our Guides. We have recently launched the BasicMapping application which gets some 10,000 visitors per month in the Benelux.

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