MapsTell literally puts people’s behaviour on the map – mapping individuals as well as teams. No lengthy reports – just very user-friendly, visual and fun tools.


The PersonalMap is MapsTell’s core product. It is a user-friendly tool, providing insights into people’s behaviour and the way in which they communicate. After completing a questionnaire the DISC behavioural profile is put on the map, literally. The names of the towns, rivers, mountains and seas reflect the participant’s behaviour, their main pitfalls and how others sometimes see or perceive them. Once the questionnaire is completed the respondent also receives a personal video, which takes them on a journey through their own PersonalMap.

The RouteGuide offers the participant further insight into the PersonalMap. This report also explores the differences between Active Behaviour and Instinctive Behaviour. As well as a personal explanation, they’ll also get handy communication hints and tips.



Deeper Insight

For teams and organisations that want to explore employees’ behaviour and in particular their interaction with colleagues or customers, MapsTell offers several additional modules to gain deeper insight into the RouteGuide and the PersonalMap:

  • Leadership module (personal leadership, interpersonal leadership and team leadership)
  • Behaviour and Sales module


A World Class Team with TeamMapping

To make interaction within a department or organisation more visible, MapsTell has developed TeamMapping. TeamMapping is based on PersonalMapping and reflects the different behavioural styles within a group of people. All participants are put onto the World of Difference map on the basis of their own PersonalMap. The result is an overview which at a glance shows the composition of a team or department and the individuals’ behavioural styles. A TeamMap costs £100  and is always carried out in conjunction with PersonalMapping.

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