MapsTell believes in the power of visual and easily shared information. That’s why we have literally put the sixteen behavioural styles of the DISC model on the map. Each one of the sixteen behavioural styles is incorporated into PersonalMaps, which together form the World of Difference. By using this visual tool, participants gain an understanding of their own behavioural style as well as the style of others, in an easy accessible and very unique way.

The background of the DISC model

MapsTell’s products and maps are based on the DISC-model, developed in 1928 by William Marston. In his work, Emotions of Normal People, he describes how the emotions of people lead to differences in behaviour within groups. He also explains how behaviour can change over time and how people mainly focus on the immediately visible behavioural characteristics. His main goal was to make people understand how relationships and interactions with others work . The theory of Marston divides the different behavioural styles into four main styles: Decisive (D) , influential (I) , Stable (S ), and Conscientious (C). Marston’s work and theories have developed over the years and now form the basis of various personal assessment instruments.

MapsTell’s approach

With 24 questions, MapsTell measures three different parts of your behavioural style, which leads to a validated result:

  1. The Active style shows how someone is perceived by others, and shows the impression he or she want’s to make. It shows their ability to adapt and the way they communicate.
  2. The Instinctive style shows the way a person naturally reacts to unexpected situations or when he/she is under pressure.
  3. The Reactive style is a combination of the styles mentioned above and shows a person’s way of reacting in a familiar environment.

The percentages of the three different components of behavioural style are shown below in the diagrams developed by MapsTell. These diagrams are part of the Route Guide for the PersonalMapPro and ProfessionalMapping.


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